If I have to think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind are leaves, leaves, and more leaves.

(My yard is comprised of trees…lots and lots of trees, which mean an annual onslaught of falling leaves.)

So, leaves is what we shall focus on this month.

opal on leaf
trees on my backyard

My Backyard

trees on my backyard2

I went searching through my photo archives and found quite a few pieces that fit just this subject. I also found a few unwrapped pieces that remind me of leaves that I decided to wrap. I love how the monthly topic inspires new pieces all the time.

These come from autumns past… This first grouping have all found homes.

ruby fuschite

Ruby Fuschite pendant

opal on leaf

Opal on Leaf

tree of life

“Tree of life” fine silver with Turquoise

leaf with pearl

Leaf with Pearl

Harkening back to my lack of inspiration several months back, I went “shopping” in my own studio and found so much to work with. So here we go! Let’s start with pretty things for the ears.


Earrings Gallery

Green Grass Leaves

Green Grass Leaves Earrings

Porcelain Earrings

Porcelain Earrings

Leaf earrings ruffled

Ruffled Leaves Earrings

Unakite Brass

Unakite Brass Earrings

White cloisonné earrings

White Cloisonne Leaves Earrings

Wood Leaves earrings

Wooden Leaves Earrings

I can’t just stop at the ears. I also found some beautiful cabochons to adorn the neck.

Lapis with pyrite

Lapis with Pyrite pendant

leaf ammonite

Ammonite Rose Leaf pendant

malachite leaf

Malachite Leaf pendant

I do have other stones that are longing to be created into someone’s perfect piece of custom jewelry. I’ll be having more time in the studio once the weather actually starts getting cold.

I would welcome your special requests.

Until next month!