Here’s an example of a true experience I recently had. My client was given a tumbled gemstone rock
(smoky quartz) by her daughter.

The meaning to her was far beyond any dollar amount and she wanted it turned into a precious keepsake that she could wear often.

She also wanted it to be very sparkly.

We met and I showed her an example of the type of wrap I would use, plus a selection of gold and sterling silver wire and a variety of crystals.

She chose the ones she thought would work best. I added a bit of extra sparkle, since she emphasized
that she was most interested in that.

And …. The finished piece and happy client!!!

Whether it is a tumbled rock or one found at the beach (I’ve wrapped river glass, shells, sharksteeth from the beach and ocean), or a gemstone that needs a setting, let me help turn your keepsake into something more than a stone sitting in a jewelry box or bag somewhere … into something wearable!!!!