April showers bring May flowers, and this is the theme of May! Our recent rains have resulted in resplendent blooms of azaleas, tulips and more, dotted among the leaves of daylilies, rhododendrons, and hostas awaiting their blooms.

It’s time to celebrate the beauty of our mountains (Appalachian, that is!).

View from my front door


Starting with one of my favorite beads: cloisonne, these are both unique and colorful, full of brilliant hues from pastel pinks to deep blues amid designs of flowers, animals, oriental or geometric patterns.

Named for the ‘cloisons’ or cells that are filled with agate-based enamel and framed with gold or silver wire, the majority in my collection features beautiful flowers.

On the left, a dark scarlet background contrasts those pretty pink flowers and green leaves.

On the right, are a more unique pair. Charming fans have rosy, flowers, which complement any outfit!


Ruby Fuchsite

Also known as Ruby in Fuchsite is our next entry with its pale or deep ruby carved flowers on a pale to medium green background.

It was formed from ruby crystals embedded in the fuchsite.

Perfect for pendants, the contrasting colors make quite a statement with their delicate carvings of detailed leaves and blushing petals.

Found predominantly in South India, I have several unique Ruby Fuchsite stones in my collection, including a wrapped pendant at the North Carolina Arboretum.


Delightful millefiori glass beads are our last feature. Millefiori glass, from the Italian words meaning “thousands of flowers,” has a beautiful flower pattern within the glass that is full of brilliant colors!


On top are classic, black squares the intrinsic, warm flowers dotting throughout it.



On the bottom are bright crimson earrings with simply floral designs.

Both are absolutely lovely and perfect for bright summer days!

Our honorable mention are these aqua millefiori glass earrings that have light aqua blue flowers stretched across their unique shape.

Even though the flowers aren’t pink, they still deserve a mention in this post!

Many of these pieces can be purchased at Etsy. However, should you be interested in a custom piece (such as a wrapped ruby fuchsite), please don’t hesitate to contact me here!

As a final thought, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers out there!

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