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My Name is Nadine and I’m a Rockaholic

My Name is Nadine and I’m a Rockaholic

Since I've been back from Austrialia, I've been just doing my best to replace all the custom jewelry pieces that sold while I was gone.  the orders were coming in so fast and furious (thank goodness for my assistant who was filling all the ordersin my absence) that I...

I’m a Rockaholic, Part 2

I’m a Rockaholic, Part 2

Remember these?  Last month I vowed/committed to you that I would stop my gem-shopping habit and work with some of the stones that I had.   Well, I did stop by a gem show and picked just a few things (but I swear, it was waaayyyyy less than I usually buy). ​  But I...

I purchased this red cinnabar necklace, and it is gorgeous! It has a nice weight to it, and beautiful detail. I bought the matching earrings as well, and they’re just as gorgeous!


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