..about custom jewelry?  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  Ever.

There is nothing quite as thrilling as having someone find their perfect gemstone (in my studio or out on their own) and working with them to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that fits them to perfection.  The process of designing a piece with another person is the ultimate collaboration of minds, and it never ceases to amaze me how it all comes together in just the right way every time.

Custom Jewelry is Collaboration

The process starts simply enough.  Someone like you contacts me with a request.  Can I recreate a piece of jewelry from one they already have?  Can I make a piece of jewelry with this stone that  they have?  And off we go!

Sometimes, you’ll have a gemstone or bead you just love or have inherited; sometimes you’ll want to see what my collection has to offer.  Maybe you already have a pair of earrings or a pendant and want a coordinating piece.  Either way, it’s a starting point.  These are a couple of pieces that are either looking to be made into a custom piece or pieces that someone has brought to me and were in the queue for creation.

Shark's teeth

Sharks teeth, provided by the client.  He asked that these be made into slides.  Wear one, wear them all…it’s his choice.

This Sonoran Sunrise Jasper was in my inventory that the client picked out, and then the wrapping style and wire choice was made.

Sonoran Sunrise Cabochon, unwrapped
Garnet Beads

Garnet beads, small and smaller.  I got to choose which beads to use, as long as they ended up as two chain maille bracelets.

A Charoite ‘diamond’.  This also was in my inventory.  A husband picked it out to be made into an anniversary pendant.

Diamond-shaped Charoite cabochon

The next step is to determine when you might wear your new piece and what is your initial vision.  Is this an everyday piece?  In which case, the style might be a little more understated.  A special occasion (for example a wedding or mother of the bride…I’ve had wedding dresses come in to participate as inspiration)?  We can definitely make it stand out.  Is this a gift?  If so, then we surely need to talk about that person’s style, too.

What about metal?  Are you a silver person?  Gold?  Copper, brass, rose gold?  Do you envision your new jewelry with additional beads?  Are you a swirl person or a woven wire person?  Oooh, what about chain maille?  I can make it all happen.

We also talk about budget.  Custom jewelry with me does not have to break the bank, which is why I suspect many people hesitate to start the process.  

Here are the pieces from above that have made it all the way through the process and are ready to be worn by their owners.  One of a kind can be yours, too.    

Sharks teeth necklace
Garnet beads in silver as a bracelet
Charoite wrapped in gold wire.

And that’s all there is to it.  So, who’s next?  There’s still plenty of time to get your custom pieces in time for Hanukah or Christmas…or birthday, or anniversary, or just because.