Last month I talked about the protective and healing properties of Shungite. This month, I’d like to focus on some gemstones that help with courage and strength, something that a client recently contacted me about. She was looking for a stone that helps with those qualities.

My focus this month is on aquamarine, bloodstone and carnelian, three stones with amazing properties that help with both courage, strength, calming fears and going into battle, you never know when you might need that one.  wink


Said to help calm fears and enhance strength and self-control, aquamarine is also really beautiful.  Ranging from pale blue to aqua to almost green, you can find these stones faceted and sparkling, smooth and polished, or these days you can now find them in matte form.

Aquamarine, tumbled, but not cut.

Cut and polished aquamarine…probably the form you’re most accustomed to seeing.

aquamarine pendant

This pendant is a custom jewelry piece…long since sold, but still one of my favorites.

Aquamarine and Freshwater Pearl…a match made in heaven.


Also known for its great healing properties, bloodstone is also thought to enhance strength and courage. According to this article, carrying a bloodstone with you may help fortify you against bullying. In ancient times, when bloodstone was known as heliotrope, it was carried because it protected a person in battle.


Tumbled bloodstone. Interesting that it isn’t all red.


Another red stone (the color is often used as symbolic for courage…think Spiderman and Red Power Ranger) carnelian promotes creativity and courage. Wearing carnelian when you’re giving a speech will help even the most timid of speakers find their voice. Carnelian lends the courage needed to help overcome difficulties and defend a cause.


A finished piece


Carnelian, ready for wrapping.

May you find strength and courage whenever you need it!

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