Looking for a certain type of stone? I have pounds and pounds of different types of gemstones, or can get what you want, in most cases. 

The only things I don’t work with are diamonds (except Herkimer diamonds). 

But I digress.

coralcabochon<br />

Sponge Coral Cabochons 

A number of years ago, I was approached by a gentleman who was looking for coral for a 35th anniversary. He’d been searching at traditional jewelry stores, with no luck.  I was able to show him a selection of stones to choose from. I’ve googled coral gifts and there are few jewelry items, all with beads.  Aside from a variety of beads, I also have a several types of cabochons (stones used in jewelry making) see above.

Coral is a variety of marine invertebrate that grows with the help of algae that gives it color. Examples are a natural white, black, beige, blue, orange, red.

Fossilized Coral

 coral<br />
coral<br />

Sponge coral is often dyed shades of red, which it absorbs easily. Coral is characterized by external or internal skeletons of a stonelike, leathery or horny consistency.

sponge coral


beads<br />

Coral Beads

So, if there is a special stone you have or would like to have turned into a one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake, feel free to reach out.  I love challenges!

pendant<br />
necklace earrings<br />

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