etching dog

Shih Tzu for client


When I think about all the classes I took last year, the one that stands out is the etching class.

Probably because my final special order for Christmas was a special etched piece for a client whose wife had recently lost a pet shih tzu.

He wanted a pendant for her. I was able to draw the pet’s likeness on the front and make a back panel with a meaningful message, and etch it all in sterling silver.

It meant so much to her, gave him the joy of presenting something very special and meaningful to his wife, which brought tears to my eyes!

The class also got me thinking about symbols that are meaningful for me. The one that stands out the most is the “Koru” from New Zealand, which signifies “new beginnings”.

I gravitated to it when I was there a few years ago and have made several etched pieces with the symbol since then.

Here are the earrings I created for myself, featuring the Koru in the middle.

koru earrings<br />

Koru Earrings

koru pendant

Koru Pendant

This is a Koru pendant etched in silver.

This is currently not listed on Etsy, if your interested in purchasing, please contact me.

Quick Note:

Both pieces in silver are patinaed which darkens them to a deep blue almost black color.

Do you have a symbol or logo that speaks to you? 

Would you like to turn it into a piece of jewelry, in copper or sterling silver?

If so, lets talk!


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