I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a client who wanted to turn grandmother’s china into pendants for seven sisters and nieces, as homage to her and their family traditions.

I have an artist friend who works with tiles, china, old dishes and serving pieces, to create mosaic flower pots, portraits, switchplates and much more. We took the lovely dishes to her with traced shapes and sizes to cut them out with the tile cutter.  

The client used the traced shapes to choose portions of the designs in just the right places for cutting.

broken plate

Then, I took them back to my studio to use a sander to smooth around the shapes to get them ready for wire wrapping. I wrapped each piece, finishing each one differently to compliment portions of the plate design.

The necklaces can be worn, enjoyed and passed down to the next generations.


Why wire wrap? Especially with today’s prices of gold and silver, the price of sheet precious metal is astronomical (and rising every minute)!

Wire wrapping is a fraction of the price of metalsmithing and is just as lovely and definitely allows for more variations.

That’s my success story … turning thoughts and dreams into a reality!  If this gives you any ideas, give me a shout.

Until next month,