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Custom Jewelry Design

Personalized, handmade custom jewelry is the perfect gift to yourself, or for someone you care about.

Do you already own a stone that you love, or have an idea in mind?

With an endless amount of gemstones, metals and combinations of both, it’s quite possible that you haven’t seen exactly what your heart desires in my Etsy store. This is not a problem, though, because I am happy to work one-on-one with you to design and create the exact custom jewelry piece that you have dreamed of.

How it works:

1. I am in touch throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction, either over e-mail, in person, or on the phone!

2. If needed, I’ll create a diagram for your approval and we can talk about the final look and materials to enhance your object, and agree on delivery time.

3. You’ll receive a beautiful, custom designed piece of jewelry that is often a fraction of the amount of time and cost it may take other custom jewelry designers.

girl in leaves

Happy Clients 

f-s-spoon-handlecustom jewelry by nadine

The silver pendant pictured was requested by a client for her grandchildren.

She had an antique set of silverware and wished to have the handle replicated into pendants.

Without ruining the actual spoon, I was able to make a mold of the design to produce the pendants.

pearlbraceletcustom jewelry by nadine

Another client sent us a few pictures of some pearl bracelets she liked, and Nadine designed a silver and pearl bracelet using a combination of elements to produce the custom jewelry she desired.

The pearls were fitted to her exact measurements, giving her a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you see here.

gold fourish
mothers birthstone bracelet

A perfect way to honor the mother figure in your life…up to 4 birthstone crystals (Swarovski) adorn this chain bracelet.

The sterling silver chain bracelet has a lobster-claw clasp and comes with a heart charm dangling by the clasp.

The photo is an example of one with a 5th crystal. In this case, it was the husband’s birthstone, but you can honor anyone you’d like by choosing the 5th-crystal option.

chainmaille necklace

This client saw a simple chain maille necklace (on the Etsy site). 

She asked me to bring it down to a point, then add lovely faceted peridot gemstones I purchased for her. 

The peridots represent her son’s birthstone.

These are beautiful. Nadine was very helpful and willing to make just what I wanted.


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