Wedding season is upon us (heck, wedding season is year-round if truth be told).   Accessorizing for the bridal party can often be a source of stress for the brides, but for me, it can be the source of my inspiration.  Most brides are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to their individual style and I know I can create that unique piece that can not only be worn on the special day, but also for years afterwards.

Whether it’s jewelry for the bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride to wear during the wedding, or even just gifts for the bridal party, the creation process starts the same.  Some brides bring their inspiration with them, a dress, a piece of lace, a beaded bodice, or even a particular color scheme. Others have an idea.  Any which way, we will meet and pick out individual pearls so the color, size and shape is just perfect and fits the bride’s idea.

One bride that wore this set brought me her dress, which was a lovely champagne color with tiny seed pearls sewn into the bodice. This is what I created.

The bride gave me the size and shape of her earrings on her wish list, we picked out the pearls and crystals together and she got the dangly sparkle that she was looking for.

Champagne Pearl Necklace & Earrings
Bride with her bridesmaids

This bride asked me to make the earrings and necklaces for her bridesmaids.  They were simple multi-colored crystals on a thin filament for the necklace and matching earrings. 

The mother-of-the-bride hand-beaded these seed beads on her dress and asked me to make some earrings using the same seed beads to complete the look.

Peacock-blue earrings

Another bride asked me to make earrings for all her bridesmaids.   Her inspiration was some earrings that I had already made that she had seen online.  She came and picked out the pearls and we were off and running.  (photo credit: Mozingo Photography)

Heart-shaped Pearl earrings with gold bows

These heart-shaped pearl earrings adorned with tiny gold bows are perfect for a bridesmaid.

Sometimes a bride will come to me having seen something she saw on my website but wants customizations made for herself or her bridesmaids…No sweat.

 These earrings are often a good jumping off point for design, because 1) pearls and 2) hearts.


It’s also fun to just create with no particular bride in mind and just let my creative juices flow.  Here are a couple of my latest pieces that I can picture on a bride in the near future…is it you or someone you know?

White mabe pear with zig-zag pearl necklace with matching earrings

There’s no such thing as too many pearls.  This one is a mabe pearl on a zig-zag pearl necklace.  I couldn’t stop myself, so I made matching earrings.

White mabe pearl necklace on a white satin ribbon

Simpler but no less understated, a mabe pearl on a satin ribbon.

I’ve been diligently working on a pair of earrings and a headpiece for a bride, but the wedding has been postponed, and you’ll just have to wait to see a picture of the finished pieces.  

bridal bouquet

Until next month,