February is one of my favorite months because of Valentine’s Day…need I say more?  And when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of hearts, which are my specialty.

I am the Queen of Hearts…the good kind (in case you were picturing the foul-tempered monarch from Alice in Wonderland).

Heart-shaped gemstones are so much fun to wrap, and I’m always trying out new styles.  So if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share some of my favorites.

And if you find yourself wanting a heart (pendant, because if you’re reading this, you’ve got a real, beating heart), let me know and we can create your own custom heart pendant.

Swarowski crystals earrings

Crystal Earrings

red cinnabar heart pendant

Cinnabar Heart Pendant

Paua Shell Heart Earrings

rodonite heart earrings

Rhodonite Heart Earrings


 Malachite Heart Bracelet

blue cinnebar earrings

Blue Cinnabar Earrings

rose quartz heart earrings

Rose Quartz Earrings

red glass earrings

Glass Heart Earrings

pearl hearts earrings

Pearl Hearts Earrings

red cinnebar heart earrings

Red Cinnabar Earrings

hematite hearts earrings

Hematite Heart Earrings

floral heart earrings

Millefiori Heart Earrings

There’s something for everyone.  I love making hearts into custom jewelry…for you!

Until next month!

nadines signiture