Recently, I shared my secret, that I have a collection to end all collections of unfinished stones just waiting to be called into service as a piece of beautiful jewelry.  And I committed to you that I would make something beautiful out of at least a few of the many.

Raw gemstones waiting to be made into jewelry

Last month, I shared the first bunch with you, and I’ve kept my promise and have finished the last of them.  

Chinese Writing Stone with Cinnabar Accent

This beautiful stone is called a Serape Jasper from Mexico.   I decided that it was the perfect stone to practice my newest skill, wire weaving.  More about that in next month’s blog.

I was thrilled with the way it came out.  I also added a leather neck cord with a hook and eye clasp that I created by hand.  

This is the slice of Red Creek Jasper.  It took me a minute to figure out how to handle it, since it had such a plain, squarish shape.  I decided on a double-loop of sorts.  

I used some of my new weaving technique on the front, burnished the copper wire, then threaded a double-strand of chain and gilded the lily with the leaf toggle clasp.

​Not bad, if i do say so myself!

Close-up of burnished copper wire weave
Red Creek Jasper on burnished copper wire
Cream Rose Agate wrapped in Gold wire

Last but not least is the Obsidian triangle, which is now a double-loop necklace, wrapped in sterling silver (because who doesn’t love black and silver together?).  The stone is framed with agate beads and accented with a Blackstone square halfway up the necklace.

There!  I did it!  I still have plenty of stones clamoring to be wrapped, so you never know when you’ll see another Rockaholic post.  In the meantime, check in on the “What’s New” page.  I’ll be posting the new things that haven’t made it into a blog yet.

Until next month!