Remember these?  Last month I vowed/committed to you that I would stop my gem-shopping habit and work with some of the stones that I had.  

Well, I did stop by a gem show and picked just a few things (but I swear, it was waaayyyyy less than I usually buy). ​  But I did, in fact, get those creative juices flowing again, and now for the big reveal…at least the first part.

I’m pretty jazzed about the stones I picked and have been working with them so I can show you that my creative juices are flowing again.

Raw gemstones waiting to be made into jewelry
Chinese Writing Stone with Cinnabar Accent

This stone is called Chinese Writing Stone.  And if you look at it closely, you can kind of see how the white on black has the feeling of Chinese calligraphy.  To offset the angles, I used round beads on the necklace part of the piece as well as wire swirls.

And in reference to the name of the stone, I thought it would be totally appropriate to use a piece of red cinnabar, complete with Chinese-style carvings.

Labradorite is a stone that is quite popular to wear.  It’s neutral enough to wear with practically everything, and it’s got a bit of a pearlescent sheen to it (this photo does not do it justice).

I decided to let the labradorite be the star by accenting it with sterling silver, a white pearl, a peacock pearl, and a crystal.

Labradorite and Pearl Necklace
Cream Rose Agate wrapped in Gold wire

This is a Cream Rose Agate.  This one just told me that it wanted swoops and swirls, so I obliged.  I did insist that it be wrapped in gold, though.  I’ve got to be the boss sometimes.

This beauty is available on my website.

And here’s one more … a plain (yet beautiful in its own right) kyanite teardrop. It’s been turned into a fun metal smithed pendant. It will be debuting at my next show.
finished kyanite

I know you’re keeping track.  I haven’t made jewelry out of all of the above, but they are in process.  If one of these unfinished stones speaks to you, and you’d like it as your own piece of custom jewelry, just let me know.  Your piece could be a featured item in a future blog!

Check back here for next month’s blog and I promise you, they will be magnificent and worth the wait!

Until next month!