I think I fell in love with gemstones while I was learning to wire wrap in 2000.  It’s hard to believe that is now over 22 years ago. 

But, as some of you may have heard me say this (or read it somewhere), I am a rockhound and my jewelry making supports my “habit”. 

Now, on to something about stones associated with love.

The first one that comes to mind is Rose Quartz, a translucent to milky pink stone.  It is known for its association with love, which isn’t only romantic love but brings strength to family bonds and friendship as well.

It can also be related to the way one feels towards ourselves, strangers, and humanity as a whole. Our country and our world could use a lot more of that these days!

Rose Quartz

A rose quartz pendant.

Rose Quartz

A garnet pendant.

Garnet, the birthstone for January, is a deep red and is connected to strong, intense feelings and physical attraction. 

It is also believed to help widowed spouses get through grief and find new relationships. 

Finally, Ruby is known to have properties similar to garnet. Supposedly, it is said to stimulate sensual and sexual energy and help make the connection between couples deepen. 

For those feeling unloved or unlovable, Ruby can help them discover their personal power. 

On another note, ruby comes in many forms, including lovely combinations of Ruby Zoisite and Ruby Fuschite. 

This is a simple ruby with a violet hue.

These are examples of carved ruby fuchsite gemstones. The red is, of course, the ruby and the green (both light and dark) is the fuchsite. 

This ruby zoisite is mostly ruby with the green corner being the zoisite. It is unique and gorgeous.

Wishing you have lots of love (and beautiful stones) in your life,