With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, my thoughts go to my favorite green stone, malachite.

Except for a few occasional ”buys” (I am a bargain hunter when it comes to gemstones, among other things), my go-to dealer is from Namibia.

st patricks day<br />

Malachite is named after the mallow plant, generally found in parts of Africa.

This soft stone is carved into many configurations … statues, figurines, worry stones, beads and slabs for cutting gemstones suitable for making jewelry. They vary from dark swirls, polka dots, and dark stripes swirling across their surface. 

The whirlpool of green looks to be the result of a painter eddying different shades of green but not fully mixing the hues.

While most malachite lovers look for the “bulls-eye” pattern in a cabochon, I have found that the shape of the stone should complement the pattern. 

A small sampling of the variety of malachite carved stones (below) show off some of the possibilities. Note that few of these are the standard ovals.

malachite shapes

These hearts (my most popular heart-shaped stone) display very unusual patterns.


Whatever the pattern, each is beautiful in its green glory! Of course I have many more …

If you would like to schedule a time to see my collection and plan a custom piece, or if you already have a stone in mind, please fill out my custom jewelry form or jump over to my contact page and send me a messagesmile


Wishing you a marvelous March,