What comes to my mind when this spectacular time of year is mentioned?  Autumn, with crisp temperatures, sweaters, pretty leaves that are always accompanied by imported leaf-peepers.  Oh, okay, and Halloween and Thanksgiving, too.

But this month, I really wanted to focus on the colors of autumn.  This summer wasn’t too hot here in Western North Carolina (though I must admit, I spent most of it inside, in the air conditioning, avoiding people–thank you COVID), and we had a decent amount of rain, so we’re getting a pretty decent show this year.  I thought I’d explore the autumn colors in the wonderful world of gemstones.

Orange, gold, and brown leaves

When I think of the autumnal colors of brown, gold, and orange, the stones that jump to the front of the line (in my mind, at least) are probably not what jumps out for most people.  And you’ve probably also figured out by now that I am also not like most people…I think and breathe gemstones and how I can showcase them in the form of jewelry.  So, let’s just hop right in and look at the list.


Brown Fossilized Shells called Ammonite

Ammonite:  fossils that exemplify the Fibonnaci Sequence

Fossils, or most of the ones that I create, are brown or some variation of it.  Think ammonite, fossils of nautilus or conch or snails.  I recently learned that these are highly mathematical creatures, since their shells are examples of the Fibonacci Sequence.  Look it up, it’s pretty neat!

blog post about fossils.

Another obvious brown choice is wood…it’s not just for furniture anymore.  Check out these wood teardrop earrings.  Wood comes in so many colors, and can be carved into unending choices of shape and size beads.  Like leaves, for example.

Wood teardrop earrings wrapped in gold wire
Petrified wood opal:  wood encompassing opal.

Petrified Wood Opal.  See the blue opal enmeshed within the petrified wood?  Nature is so creative.

Then there’s Petrified Wood Opal, which is wood which encompasses opal, a little earthy, a little otherworldly.  It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.

If you know me at all, you know that Red Creek Jasper is one of my all-time favorite stones.  It’s got all the browns that you could possibly want, and how does it get better than that?

Red Creek Jasper

Red Creek Jasper.  The ultimate autumnal stone.


Gold Druzy.  Gold and extra sparkle all in one.

Gold Druzy, the simple equation for happiness

Of course, the Druzy is my favorite in the gold and sparkly category.  Sparkle makes me happy, gold makes me happy.  The equation is simple:  Sparkle + Gold = Happy.  See?

This is a slice of a Pyrite Sun.  This might look like a fossil, but it neither that nor related to any solar contributions.  Here’s how I know. I loved how the golden hues of this stone are highlighted by the silver.

Pyrite Sun:  Brown on Silver

This is Pyrite Sun on Sterling Silver


Amber Leaf earrings, crystal clear orange wrapped in sterling silver

Amber, created by resin that is hardened by pressure and temperature

Amber could probably fall into the gold OR the orange, depending on the depth of color, but since I was thinking of it while I’m writing about orange, here is where we shall talk about it.  Amber is the hardened resin from tree sap that often traps insects, preserving them for all time.  You can find more about them here and here.

Carnelian is a form chalcedony colored by impurities of iron oxide. The colors range from pale orange to an intense almost-black coloration.   These beauties are waiting to be transformed into something wearable.

Carnelian cabochons


Lastly in this orange family, this fun, sparkly faux amber, because who doesn’t like orange sparkly acrylic beads?  (And if you don’t, please don’t tell me.) 

Faux amber

Acrylic sparkles in autumnal orange

Here’s hoping the fall colors that promise to be spectacular this year actually come through with their promises.  And if they don’t, well, we always have the option of wearing the colors instead.

Until next month,