When I took my first wire wrapping class in 2000, I knew I loved working with wire and it came easy to me. At the time, I hadn’t yet realized my love for gemstones was so strong!

Somewhere I’ve written (maybe it’s on the biography inserts I put into my gift boxes?) that I’m a rockhound and jewelry making (and selling) supports my habit.

It is so true!

Assorted cabochons ready to be made into jewelry
I happen to have pounds and pounds of gemstones waiting to be turned into a piece of jewelry.

Even though I’ve tried to stop buying new gemstones at gem shows, I haven’t been entirely successful. When I see something new and wonderful, with lots of what I call “activity” in it, I can’t resist. Now that I’m also doing metalsmithing, it’s taking more time to complete a piece, but is very satisfying!

K2 Jasper, white with black flecks and bright blue spots.

K2 Jasper.  Kind of like Dalmation Jasper, except with psychedelic blue spots thrown in.

Rose Quartz, Chrysoprace, and Chrysocolla

L-R Chrysoprace, Rose Quartz, and Chrysocolla

turquoise gemstones

Turquoise Gemstones

Green Moss Opal and Turquoise

Green Moss Opal with Turquoise.  A beautiful combination!


Larimar, exclusive gem of the Caribbean.

Butterfly Wings made from Ocean Jasper

Wings made from Ocean Jasper.  They may not get airborne, but they are definiely heavenly.

Even though the stones will give me plenty of inspiration, one of my favorite things, a sure-to-get-the-juices-flowing guarantee, is when a customer comes to me with a challenge. 

So, to make myself accountable, I’m committing to you here and now that the stones pictured below are my next projects, and I’ll have the “after” pictures in next month’s blog…Part 2 of I’m a Rockaholic.

Raw gemstones waiting to be made into jewelry
Red Creek Jasper Before & After

I took a similar-shaped stone, and here’s what I created…kind of a sneak preview of next month.

Stop by next month to see the outcome.

Until next month,