As a former elementary school teacher, I still enjoy teaching, but now my students are more mature. Although I occasionally work with children and senior citizens, the following is one of the community college continuing education classes I teach in jewelry making.

After a short tutorial on the wire wrapping technique we use, my students get a feel for wrapping with half-round wire, determine which direction (to the left or to the right) they feel most comfortable wrapping in and how to wrap with the correct tension.  We start with a coil of square wire, measure cut and prepare it for twisting.  Please excuse my mess as I demonstrate the twisting process, which is always a favorite.

The next step is to add the prepared sides to the twisted wire and wrap them all together. Then we form the hook and shape the bracelet. Finally, we dip the bracelets into a darkening solution and polish it back to the desired color.” Here’s a cute series of pictures developed by one of my talented students.
bracelet collage

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Upcoming Bracelet Class for September 2024

Copper Bangle Bracelet

Tuesday September 10th & Thursday September 12th
Learn to make your own professional looking jewelry. Experience the art of wire-wrapping through the construction of a copper bangle bracelet with clasp. 

All classes will be held at the Grove Activity Center in Hendersonville.
Classes are from 2-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

** BRCC Changed their website so if you have any issues registering online, it may be easier to just give them a call! (828) 694-1735 or (828) 883-2520 **