Sayonara 2021!


Time to Get Our Bling-On in 2022

If you are the type of person that just loves color, texture, and unusual designs, this is the place to be, because I’m about to show you sparkly, interesting, unique…and you’ll be ringing in the new year with more than just bells.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

The Hidden Bead rings highlight a bead as the focal piece.  Here, I have two freshwater pearl beads and one red mountain jade bead to showcase the variety of options.  The band is wider and more bold than most, however, it is very similar to the band on The Hug ring.  The Hidden Bead ring is perfect for matching or accenting a jewelry set you already own, or adding a pop of color! The wire-wrap perfectly compliments the roundness of the bead by elegantly twisting around and providing a sturdy setting. The bead choices are many, so if you don’t see what you like in the shop, reach out to me and we can dig through my inventory. Unlike “The Snake,” I can mix metals if you wish! 

3 Hidden Bead Rings
Hidden Crystal Ring Side View

This is another version of this is the Hidden Crystal ring.  The stone (cubic zirconium, if truth be told) is anchored by prongs instead of a nest.  Pick your color–I have all the birthstone colors in stock, pick your metals, and wait for the compliments to come in.

Hidden Crystal Ring Side View
Blue Three Bead Cluster Ring in Gold

Three Bead Cluster ring is a little bit showy, a little bit glamorous, a lot of fun and very unique.  They have a thinner band (only three wires!) with, as the name implies, a cluster of three beads or crystals. The wires are finished in a curled flair that give these glitzy rings an extra something-something. As with most of my jewelry, the bead or crystal and type of wire can be customized to your specifications.

Three-Bead Cluster Ring
The Prong Ring

The Prong ring is a bit more classic in design. Using simple twisted wire, a beautiful stone is placed in delicate prongs that emphasize the gemstone. As you can see here, I am not limited to a certain shape of stone. In this way, the options for this ring are nearly limitless, although I would not recommend mixing two metals. 

Adjustable Gemstone Ring Black Onyx and Silver

The Adjustable Gemstone ring is, well, adjustable! This makes it a great option for a gift if the exact ring size of the recipient isn’t known. It still maintains an air of chic with its featured gemstone and simple wrap. This one is black onyx wrapped in silver.  Got another color in mind?  Just ask.  The stone can be customized with some flexibility in its shape, and the metal can be chosen from silver & gold.

Adjustable Gemstone Ring
Oblong Ring

The Oblong Ring can be customized in a variety of ways. Pictured is the “One Large Bead” option, where turquoise is the focal point, seemingly floating in a frame of wire. Another option would be a “Two Large Beads” option. It would feature two beads quasi-parallel, separated by a row of small round beads (see “The All Occasion” ring for an example of the beads) and centered in the wire frame. I recommend using one metal so that it does not distract from the bead.

The Tagalong Ring

The Tag Along ring is engineered from two separate pieces. First, the stone is wrapped. Then, the ring is created. The last step is putting them together for a final, connected piece. It is easily one of my more complex options, but the marriage of the stone and wire is simply stunning. It is easily worth every moment of hard work. 

Tag Along Ring side view
Snake Ring in Gold


Finally, the Snake ring may be one of my smaller rings, but it certainly leaves an impression.  Twisting around the finger with a CZ of your choosing at the top (like the Hidden Crystal, I have all the birthstone colors on hand) and two tiny curls of wire at the base, it is adjustable to any finger.  Because of the simplicity of the design, this ring cannot use more than one type of wire, but you get to choose from silver, oxidized (blackened) silver, gold, copper, or patina’d copper.  

snake ring


Because these rings must be sized to the customer (with the exception of the adjustables), they are almost exclusively made to order.   

So, here we are, ringing in a new year, 2022, happily waving goodbye to 2021.  And here I am, wishing you the healthiest, happiest new year.  May we be able to hug in the not too distant future.

Until next month,