A custom piece

When I left teaching at the end of 1999, all I cared about was getting my life and family back to some semblance of normalcy.

That’s when a one afternoon class in wire wrapping sparked my interest.

Little did I know it would change the course of my entire life, including healing me from an anti-depression medicated existence.

It was the answer to group therapy and medication!

Not only was that class fun and easy, it opened me up to the world of gemstones, nature’s gift to us all!

After an advanced class on an afternoon a few months later, I took my jewelry making into another direction. I haven’t looked back.

My elementary school teaching morphed into teaching adults jewelry making, with the patience of a Kindergarten teacher.

The offer of a tiny retail space in Kress Emporium

jettisoned my “career”.

Display at Kress

Custom wedding jewelry

A lot has happened since my first retail show in 2000. From 12-20 shows a year, I now “do” 3-5 of them a year, all within 1 hour of home and mostly one-day events.

I get to meet wonderful people, learn many of their stories, and have friends who have become clients and clients who have become friends.

Hugs are usually a must (unless I’m preoccupied with taking care of a client).

Selling at shows enables me to shop for new and more precious gemstones and turn them into something special. 

I LOVE it when a client is wowed over something I’ve created and has to have it for themselves.

I’m also tickled by the earrings that a client has to have for themselves or a special someone.

I especially love when someone comes to me for a special give to mark a birthday, anniversary, new baby, adoption, or wedding.

They (you) all deserve to be treated special.

Client wearing her custom necklace 

Our dogs, Kiki & Lucky


Bottom line, thank you all for appreciating my art, for putting on your glasses to get a better look, and for making me feel appreciated. I appreciate YOU!!!

 Warmest Regards,