In celebration of spring,the colors of April reflect the blue of robins’ eggs, the petals of lavender, the swirling patterns of yellow and white like the daisy centers, and pink cherry blossoms.

Like a garden of colors bursting with life, these stones are inspired by the colors of spring!

blue flower

Beginning with blue: opal (on the left) and larimar (on the right),  are different shades of the classic robin’s egg blue.

The Oregon blue opal looks almost exactly like a robin’s egg.

With its roundness and opacity with white inclusions, it is such an interesting piece.

In fact, because the white inclusions on the back and sides of the stone are so beautiful, I wrapped it such that you can wear the “back” of the stone as the front!

Known as the “Jewel of the Caribbean,” this larimar (pics on right) has the swirling pattern of white on blue that looks like eddying waves on a white sand beach.


Like petals on a flower, these faceted pears are cut and polished amethyst.

Most of my amethyst pieces are a darker purple, but these, with their light violet that both reflects and transmits light, are absolutely gorgeous.

They truly look like lilac petals that have turned to stone with their gorgeous clarity and coloring.

The milky amber (left) and citrine (right) represent the warm yellows of spring.

On the one hand, we have milky amber with its warm, sunny yellow and white swirling pattern like a beehive overflowing with honey.


Finally, we have the pretty pinks! Although we featured a blue opal earlier in the post (and last month), I couldn’t leave out this triangular pink opal (left)!

It has a milky coloring that makes it a true pastel pink!

Like strawberry ice cream, it has slight swirls that are simply divine!


Then, we have rose quartz (right).

Despite their name, they look more like cherry blossoms with only a hint of pink in the clear stone.

Imagine them paired with sky blue or chocolate brown!


When I think of Spring and Easter, I can’t help but think of Beryl. It comes in a variety of colors. 

In this necklace, the pink is Morganite, light green is “Green Beryl”, dark green is Emerald, yellow is Heliodor and white or clear is pure Beryl. The greenish blue is Aquamarine.

As per usual, these are only a small assortment of my stock.

In fact, it was incredibly hard to choose the pieces featured today! We nearly included every color in the rainbow.

Because of that, if you’re interested in seeing my collection for a custom piece or to match a stone you already posses, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

I’d love to show off my gorgeous stones!

Some of these are in Kress Emporium or Etsy, but if you see a piece that isn’t available, you can purchase it directly from me!