pearl earring

“It seems like the holidays (of giving and receiving) begin sooner and sooner each year! 

I’ve already seen them up in several stores.  So here’s a little preview and something to think about. 

Let’s explore the pieces that will let you dazzle those around you! You can click on most pictures to get more details.”

Ever the classic gemstone that will turn anything you wear into a dressy outfit, the pearl is something everyone should have at lease one good piece of.

Pearls come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  String them together or as singles, the subtle glimmer of pearls add class to any occasion.

freshwater pearl and crystal earrings

Freshwater pearl and crystal earrings

pearl earring

Pearl ring

pearl earring

Freshwater earrings

Crystal pendant 

Crystals sparkle and can turn any activity into a special occasion.  Like pearls, they come in many sizes and colors.

One of my favorite ways to add a little sparkle to my everyday is with a dainty pair of earrings.

Crystal earrings

Paua shells hearts earrings

Paua shells are from Hawaii and their bright luminescence is sure to add a subtle sparkle and a pop of color…a little more sparkle than pearls, and a little less than diamonds or crystals.

Paua shells earrings

Reds and greens are also prevalent colors during the holidays, as well as blue and white, depending on your tradition.  Take a gander at these pieces:  Malachite, sapphire, and red cloisonne, to name a few.

Sapphire earrings

Cloisonne earrings

Malachite earrings

Whatever your plans for the holidays, be sure you sparkle.  Click on any of the pictures for a link to the Etsy listing.

And be sure to message me for details on how I can help you create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece that you can wear any time of year.

Happy Holidays!