Not too long ago, I committed to creating out of my storehouse of cabochons and beads, and resist the gem shows (see the results of my labors here and here).  I’m here to tell you I have fallen off the wagon!  A gem show was just 10 minutes from my house, and I swear to you my car drove me there without me even realizing it (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).  Next thing I knew, I had a bag full of beads, cabs, and findings.  And as I was looking at the spoils, I noticed that there seemed to be a theme of what makes my heart go pitter-pat:  Busy-ness.


The spoils from my trip to the local gem show

There was no single color that stood out, but pattern, that’s where it’s at.   The patterns create visual interest, kind of like a painting.

​I wanted to give you a bit of a tour of some of the additions to my inventory.  At the time of this writing, they have not been wrapped, so if you see one you can’t live without, contact me ASAP for an appointment to make it your own piece of custom jewelry.

Druzy Cabochons.  Busy in texture.

Druzy.  The Busy-ness comes from the texture.

Petrified Palm Root

Petrified Palm Root.  The coffee and cream-like swirls make me happy.

Opals.  Busy with fiery colors.

Opals.  The busy-ness comes from the fiery colors.

Moss Agate.

Moss Agate.  The two no the right are translucent.  The greens and browns together make for interesting stones.

Rhodocrosite, pretty in pink.

Rhodocrosite.  The layers remind me of a geode.

Amber, India Blood Agate, Dendritic Agate, and iger Iron

L-R:  Amber, India Blood Agate, Dendritic Agate, and Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron.  The one on the right is facted.  Dark (and busy).

Owyhee Blue Opal

Owyhee Blue Opal.  Though it looks black, the dark patches are a deep blue.

Assorted patterned cabochons and beads

Kyanite, Tiger Iron, Bronzite beads, Azurite, and Chrysocolla (I think)

I can’t wait to get my wire a-wrapping and show them off to you!  In the meantime, here are some examples of busy-ness in my jewelry.  Some of the interest is from the stone, some from the components in the jewelry.

Apache Rhyolite and Garnets...Busy Patterned

Apache Rhyolite with garnet beads.

Purple Dichroic Double Triangle Pendant

Purple Dichroic Glass Pendant.

Sonoran Sunrise Jasper Pendant on a necklace of textured Turquoise beads

Sonoran Sunrise Jasper embodies busy-ness perfectly.  The textured turquoise beads on the necless do a pretty good job, too.

Zebra Stone and Black Onyx Pendant

Zebra Stone and Black Onyx

Amazonite Pendant

Amazonite.  It reminds me of seafoam on the ocean.

Paua oval pendant wrapped in sterling silver

Paua Shell wrapped in sterling silver.

Blue Dendrite

Blue Dendrite wrapped in sterling silver.

Ruby Fuschite Pendant

Owyhee Blue Opal.  Though it looks black, the dark patches are a deep blue.

Ammonite:  Fossilized nautilus wrapped in sterling silver

Ammonite:  Fossilized nautilus.  You can see the individual chambers.

So now you’ve been indoctrinated into the wonderful world of astronomy/gemology.  I hope you were as inspired looking at the pretty stones as I was.


Until next month!