With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She will make music wherever she goes

Well, maybe not music so much, because I’m really not much of a bell-ringer.  But I do happen to be pretty talented at ring-making (if I do toot my own horn…or ring my own bell.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

For the first 15 years of my career as a jeweler, I had requests to make rings.  While I had dabbled in this area in wire, I didn’t find any methods or designs that appealed to me.  Well, in mid-2015, I spent a week learning almost a dozen different methods of wire-wrapping ring styles, I could finally say yes to those requests for rings.

And in the five years since, I’ve tweaked and fiddled to make some practically perfect rings…and not all are just for ladies.  

hug ring

This is called The Hug and it’s probably my most requested ring.  It’s stylish without being over the top, lightweight, and oh so comfortable to wear.

It’s made with six wires and can be customized in silver, oxidized (blackened) silver, gold, copper (with a patina or not…your choice), or even mixtures of metals, like the one pictured here.

A simple design with just a few twists make it a classy, versatile, and unisex option.

Crossover Ring

This is The Crossover.  A little more simplistic design of a domed, crossed pattern of clean, untwisted wire.  Elegant and refined, it can be customized with your choice of wire.

Crossover Ring sideview
The Filigree Ring

There’s something about this ring, The Filigree, that is extra special.  It’s similar to The Crossover in that it has a criss-crossing pattern across a frame.  The twists in the wire of this one catch the light and give it just a little extra sparkle!

The Filigree Ring

The All Occasion Ring is perfect for, well, all occasions.  The verticle wrapping on either side of five tiny beads reminds me of tuxedo buttons, neat and sleek.  As in all my rings, you can take your pick of practically any metal or metal combination.

All Occasion Ring
Ball-End Adjustable Ring

The Ball-End Adjustable ring is a simple style that wraps around the finger.  Made from a single wire, it’s designed to be adjustable to the wearer’s finger.  The tiny balls at each end are not actual beads, but created when heated.  Both delicate and sturdy, this is a perfect ring for even the smallest finger.  This ring is one of the few that is only available in sterling silver.

The Simple Three Bead ring features…three beads.  This is a great option if you like mixing your metals, but we can make it all the same OR  replace them with gemstones.  It’s an affordable way to have your own piece of custom jewelry.

Simple Three Bead Ring

I have several other styles, but I think I’ll show them to you next month.  If 2021 doesn’t sparkle like it should, at least you’ll have some finger sparkle to look forward to.

Until next year!